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Alvita Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags - 24 / pack


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Brand: Alvita Tea Bags

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Good tasting cup of tea by the infusion method.

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Alvita Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags
  • Organic
  • Caffeine free
  • English pillow style tea bags that are oxygen bleached, not chlorine treated
  • No strings, no staples
  • How it works:
  • Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) is a shrubby, flowering tropical plant native to parts of north africa and southeast asia.
  • The deep red tea produced by hibiscus comes from the vibrant red flower buds that are harvested just prior to blossoming.
  • Hibiscus leaves, seeds, flowers and calyces have all been used in folk traditions for their beneficial properties.
  • The calyces in particular are often used in perfumes and sachets, as well as ingredients in jams and jellies.
  • Perhaps the most well known use of the hibiscuss flowers and ruby red calyces is to brew tea that is beautifully rich in color and refreshingly tart in taste.

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Hibiscus Flowers (Organic).


  • The best way to make a good tasting cup of tea is by the infusion method.
  • Place one tea bag in a cup and add no more than 6 oz. of boiling water.
  • Let steep for 3 minutes and remove the bag.
  • Press the bag before removing to enhance flavor.
  • Add honey to sweeten.
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