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Heritage pure and natural Jojoba skin care oil - 1 oz


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Help problem skin and nourish your complexion and hair.

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Heritage pure natural essential skin care oil Jojoba

Jojoba oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the jojoba bean. When applied to crops, pesticide products containing the oil can control whiteflies; jojoba oil products are also approved for controlling powdery mildew on grapes and ornamentals. When used as directed, jojoba oil presents no known risks to humans or the environment. The oil has been used for decades in cosmetics, with no reported adverse effects. The physical properties of jojoba oil are similar to that of other vegetable oils, although jojoba oil has a chemical structure that is somewhat different from that of most vegetable oils. Jojoba oil is liquid at room temperature, odorless, and resistant to turning rancid. One of the ways it acts as a pesticide is by forming a physical barrier between an insect pest and the leaf surface.

Jojoba Oil, virtually odor-free, is extracted from the seeds of the desert Simmondsia chinensis and has no aromatherapy properties in itself but makes a high quality carrier or base oil. A 10% dilution can greatly extend the life of some of the more costly essential oils, such as sandal wood. Penetrating jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, loaded with nourishing proteins, minerals and a collagen-like substance, all of which benefit the hair and skin. Jojoba oil is considered especially helpful for problem complexions.

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Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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