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Why is Glucose Control Important?

Dealing with Blood Sugar Imbalance? Try these supplements to help you with glucose control.  

Your body has to break down carbohydrates in food or drinks into glucose and other simple sugars to use them as an energy source. These sugars are used as fuel to produce cellular energy. Having a high amount of glucose in the blood is harmful to your body, and if you suffer from chronic high blood sugar levels, you could be at risk for health complications and disease.

 Fortunately, you can make dietary and lifestyle choices that support healthy blood sugar balance:

How to help your body regulate blood sugar level

  • Exercise regularly and lose excess weight. Maintaining a healthy weight will help your body to metabolize glucose more efficiently
  • Choose whole natural foods. Avoid eating processed foods because they are often high in sugars. The fiber in whole foods helps slow the digestion of sugar and stabilizes blood sugar to prevent rapid fluctuations.
  • Stay well hydrated. Proper hydration helps your body remove excess sugars through the urine.
  • Control your stress levels. Certain hormones released during stressful periods can cause a spike in blood sugar level.

What are the causes and symptoms of high blood sugar?

The hormone insulin works hard to clear sugar from the bloodstream by cueing the body to remove sugar from the blood and move it into the cells for use. However, if the blood always contains excessive amounts of sugar, the body won't react to insulin, and blood glucose levels will go unchecked. Symptoms of high blood sugar may include headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, increased thirst and hunger, and frequent urination.

Health complications due to high blood sugar

Having a chronic high blood sugar level promotes numerous health problems such as:

  • Inflammation and accelerated aging. High blood sugar generates damaging molecules called free radicals. These molecules damage cells by interfering with their ability to function normally, and reduce their lifespan.
  • Weight gain. High blood sugar levels promote weight gain by storing excess sugar stored as fat.
  • Heart disease. High blood sugar causes good cholesterol to decrease and bad cholesterol to increase. Unhealthy cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular and kidney failure, eye problems leading to blindness, and nerve damage are serious complications that people with diabetes might experience.

What are the treatments for high blood sugar?

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle are the first steps to take to manage high blood sugar. Depending on the cause and severity of blood sugar imbalance, there are other ways to treat high blood sugar.

Medications and insulin

Your doctor may prescribe injectable insulin or other glucose-lowering drugs to help you manage your blood sugar level. You will need to work with your doctor to determine the timing and dosage of your medication use. Using a blood glucose monitor can help you determine your blood sugar level throughout the day.

Nutritional supplements

A variety of herbs and nutrients can significantly assist your body in controlling blood sugar levels. Research shows that certain herbs and nutrients help the body balance blood sugar levels by improving blood sugar metabolism. They can also protect the body from the damaging effects of high blood sugar levels.

Try out the following supplements to help you manage your blood sugar level. Click on the following link to view our range of products designed to balance blood sugar.

Glucose Control Solutions

Why is Glucose Control Important?

Dealing with Blood Sugar Imbalance? Try these supplements to help you with glucose control.  

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