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Arthritis and Joint Pain Reliever

Are you bothered by arthritis and joint pain? Try these arthritis and joint pain relievers to ease your pain and improve your quality of life.

Did you know that more than 200 different types of arthritis exist? You’ve probably heard of this term before, but what you didn’t know was that thousands of Americans live with this problem that makes even the smallest task difficult for them to complete. Arthritis is a condition causes pain and deterioration in or around one or more joints of the body. Arthritis can begin gradually or develop suddenly and can affect children and adults. The symptoms of chronic arthritis may be present all the time or for intermittent periods of time, and the location of joint pain varies according to the type of arthritis.

Without some form of intervention, most types of arthritis involve pain that gets worse over time. However, there are things you can do to help your body fight against arthritis and joint pain.

Eat a healthy diet: Avoid eating processed and high sugar foods that increase inflammation and focus on lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as olive and flaxseed oil.

Get enough sleep: Get regular sleep to help manage pain. Poor sleep typically increases pain and fatigue.

Physical activity: Regular exercise is helpful for maintaining joint flexibility. If you are overweight, exercise will help you lose weight to prevent excess stress on weight-bearing joints.

Protect your joints: Be mindful of injuring your joints by doing activities such as carrying objects that are too heavy or doing excessive high-impact exercise.

Causes and symptoms of Arthritis and joint pain

Some arthritic conditions have no known cause. However, most forms of arthritis involve several factors. Arthritis may result from an injury to a joint, abnormal metabolism, immune dysfunction, genetic factors or infection. The most common symptoms of arthritis and joint pain include:

  • Pain that is steady or present occasionally. Joint pain may occur in one place or many throughout the body.
  • Swelling, tenderness, and redness may occur over a joint that is affected.
  • Stiffness might be felt in the morning, after sitting for a long period, following exercise or may be present nearly all the time.
  • Problems moving a joint may make it hard to get out of bed or rise from a chair. 

If you are concerned about arthritis or joint pain, you should speak to a medical professional to receive a diagnosis.

Treating Arthritis and joint pain:-

Depending on the cause of arthritis, there are different treatment options. Some of these include - 

Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs are typically prescribed for arthritis and joint pain management. However, these medications can cause side-effects and often don’t address the underlying cause of the pain.

Physical Therapy:
Doing certain exercises under the guidance of a physical therapist may be helpful for improving joint function and reducing pain. A physical therapist will create an exercise plan that is tailored to your specific condition.

Occupational Therapy:
Occupational therapy involves using special equipment and aids to make everyday tasks easier to perform and to protect the joints from further damage.

Nutritional Supplements:
Many natural supplements can help to reduce joint pain. Certain herbs and nutrients help to protect the joint structure and reduce inflammation and pain.

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Arthritis and Joints Pain Relievers

Arthritis and Joint Pain Reliever

Are you bothered by arthritis and joint pain? Try these arthritis and joint pain relievers to ease your pain and improve your quality of... Read More

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